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Please indicate the name of your country at the beginning of the e-mail title, so that the direct e-mail can be referred to the relevant department.

 Director of International Department:

Nazanin Milani

Email:  Tour@shivar.org

Whatsapp:  +905343069840

Helia Azarm

Tour Manager

Email:  Tour@shivar.org

Turkey Department Manager:

Morteza Ghorbani

Email:  tour@shivar.org

Whatsapp: +905303455098

Director of Arab Countries:

Mehrdad Sedighi

Email: tour@shivar.org

Iran Department Manager:

Siamak Nasihati :

Email : tour@shivar.org

Whatsapp: +989192120524

Phone : 02191014574

Persian Website : https://shivar.org — https://en.shivar.org

WhatsApp icon and direct phone are connected directly to the English department on the site. Other languages ​​will be answered by correspondence or numbers listed above.

About Shivar Travel

About Shivar Travel Group: 

Shivar is the name of a rare flower specie that grows in the ancient land of Persia. Shivar Travel Group is a team of specialized experts in the field of tourism. Our head office is located in Istanbul, while our other offices in different touristic cities in the world give full-time support to the tourists.
Our other offices locate in Port Louis, Mahé, Male, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Manila, Zanzibar, Ankara, Moscow, Sochi, Bishkek, Larnaka, Dubai, Delhi, Colombo, Minsk, Baku, Tiflis, Yerevan, Muscat, Cape Town, etc.

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