Online Reservation : 

We have made it possible for you to access the cheapest flight and hotel prices on the most reputable online reservation systems in the world with the help of technology.

Use of this flight and hotel search engine will be free and Shivar site will not add any amount to the approved amounts of these sites under any circumstances.

Important Points : 

  • If for any reason it is not possible to book services online for you, you can ask our colleagues in the Shivar team to do all your booking work (with a 2% fee) and send you the documents.
  • Due to the presence of its executive teams in more than 30 countries, Shivar team is able to offer much cheaper prices than the prices of online sales systems of international tourism services, so before proceeding to our online reservation systems, based on experience We suggest that you inquire about the price of that hotel or flight from our sales clerks.
  • Since Shivar connects you directly to BOOKING.COM or EXPEDIA.COM sites, etc., or flight reservation sites, and you buy directly from these sites and deposit the amount into their account. Shivar site will not be responsible for these reservations and Shivar has only provided you with the opportunity to make the cheapest purchase. So before booking cancellation rules and change the date and support issues of each site, check thoroughly

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