Restorative. Romantic. Grounding. Calling all nature-lovers: we have created a bedroom under the stars for you!

Located in a secluded spot amongst the jungle foliage, our luxurious, fully waterproof, and climate-controlled inflatable pod offers you a uniquely immersive nature experience – with 360-degree views of the scenery!

As a refined form of camping known as ‘glamping’; Maldives offers this chic and hip experience inclusive of access to a well-appointed bathroom, showers (indoor and outdoor), a plunge pool, steam room and sauna.

Personalize your stay by choosing from one of the three packages available and immerse yourself in the only experience of its kind in the Maldives. An experience of living in harmony with nature that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


  • Canapés washed down with a bottle of champagne.
  • A 30 minute foot reflexology with organic home-made coconut oil.
  • BBQ dinner under the stars.
  • Overnight stay.
  • Breakfast on the beach.


  • Canapés washed down with a bottle of wine
  • Choice of a 60 minute body massage on the beach: pure body massage or balinese massage
  • BBQ dinner on the beach from our Wellness Your Way Menu.
  • Overnight stay.
  • Sunrise Yoga session with breathing techniques and meditation.
  • Breakfast on the beach.


  • Canapés washed down with a bottle of wine shared with your special someone
  • A romantic 90 minute Rose Quartz Heart massage on the beach with homemade aphrodisiac massage oil.
  • Romantic BBQ dinner on the beach.
  • Overnight stay.
  • Intimate Breakfast on the beach


  • Add canapés and a bottle of wine – $75++
  • Add a private BBQ dinner for 2 – $300++
  • Add a 60 minute full body massage on the beach: pure body massage or balinese massage – $230++ per person


  • Add canapés and a bottle of wine – $75++




Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve is resplendent with marine life. Biosphere reserves are designated by UNESCO with the goal of preserving their exceptional biodiversity. With special protected status, a remarkable number of aquatic creatures and a dazzling array of reef fish flourish.

The reserve expands across the entire atoll; a heart-shaped coral ring stretching 23 miles (38km) wide and 28 miles (46km) long. There are 75 islands, but less than three square miles of the atoll is land. 

The warm, shallow waters are perfect for exploring year-round, with something to tempt explorers of all ages. Your neighbours will include spinner and bottlenose dolphins, turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, whale sharks, small reef sharks, squirrelfish, trumpetfish, lionfish, batfish, butterflyfish and angelfish, to name but a few.

Amilla Maldives is proud to have one of the Baa Atoll’s most unique reef formations right on its very own house reef. Accessible with a short boat ride, the Amilla Blue Hole is a unique reef formation for snorkellers to explore. And the jewel in the crown of our reserve is Hanifaru Bay – discover more under ‘Experiences’.


Mantas and Whale Sharks in Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll is one of the best places in the Maldives – if not the world – to spot manta rays. The Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve was created in recognition of the incredible biodiversity and importance of the underwater ecosystem in this area.

Reef mantas can have a wingspan of up to 3.3m and whale sharks – technically not sharks but actually the largest fish in the ocean – can grow up to 12m long. Both mantas and whale sharks are generally elusive creatures and are vulnerable to extinction, which makes Baa Atoll – and Hanifaru Bay – even more special.

Manta Season

Mantas typically grace the waters of Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve between May and November. Peak times for spotting them during this period is during the full moon and the new moon. Whale sharks are also found year-round in the Maldives and from May to November they migrate to Baa Atoll.

Our water-sports team at H.U.B. are pros at tracking mantas and whale sharks. Join them for a thrilling snorkel excursion where we’ll go in search of mantas or whale sharks.

Hanifaru Bay

Hanifaru Bay is a world-famous snorkelling site, renowned for attracting exceptionally high numbers of magnificent manta rays and gentle whale sharks.

The Location

The incredible site is only 4.8 miles (7.8km) from Amilla Fushi so we’re in a prime location for easy access to Hanifaru Bay. The best season to visit Hanifaru is between May and November.

Why Hanifaru Bay is World-Famous

Mantas and whale sharks aggregate here in extraordinarily large numbers to feed on the zooplankton that becomes trapped in Hanifaru Bay, making for an amazing spectacle if you’re lucky enough to witness it. At its peak there could be as many as 100 mantas plus several whale sharks feeding there at the same time.

Hanifaru is one of the only places in the world where so many mantas and whale sharks aggregate in such unusually high numbers, which has led to international recognition and it being celebrated in major publications including National Geographic.

As the jewel in the crown of the Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Hanifaru Bay has been a Marine Protected Area since 2009.  This means the creatures frequenting the area are protected and there are rules in place that protect the environment and limit the number of visitors allowed in the area at the same time.

Visiting Hanifaru

Book a snorkel excursion with our H.U.B. Water Sports centre and if you’re lucky you might be able to see this amazing spectacle with your own eyes. The team will whisk you away on the short boat journey to Hanifaru Bay where they’ll help you spot mantas and hopefully whale sharks too. As soon as they see them (and as long as it’s not too crowded) you can then plunge into the bay with a snorkel and fins.


Under whale shark and manta ray encounter guidelines, you must stay at least 3m away from them at all times and never attempt to touch them. Touching these amazing creatures can disrupt the protective mucous layer they’re coated with, which can give them lesions. Stay 5m away from the whale shark’s tail to avoid getting accidentally whacked by it. You also shouldn’t attempt to block their path as it could scare them (they’re gentle giants!).  So always approach from the side.

Hanifaru Fast Facts  

Hanifaru Bay has a unique dynamic water circulation system due to the funnel-like reef shape – it’s about 1,300m long and 600m wide at the narrowest point. During the north-western monsoon (May-Nov) huge quantities of zooplankton become trapped in the bay, creating a kind of zooplankton ‘soup’ which in turn attracts large numbers of zooplankton-loving ‘megafauna’ like whale sharks and manta rays. 

Hanifaru is also a nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles.

Please note that since mantas and whale sharks are wild, we cannot guarantee any sightings, but our team are experts at spotting them and tracking recent sightings so will try their best to ensure you have this once-in-a-lifetime experience


Speed across the glassy waters surrounding the island. Wakeboarding, seabobs, jetpacks, fun-tubing. Something for everyone, of all ages and at all levels of experience.


Discover the spectacular underwater world without even getting wet. Take a ride in Amilla Fushi’s glass bottom boat and watch the mesmerising marine life darting just below your feet.



Palms huddle like spectators on the sidelines, their flitting fronds whispering in anticipation as the Amilla Fushi Islanders prepare to square off against a team of guests at a game of football in Maldives. Amilla Fushi’s football pitch regularly plays host to planned matches and spontaneous showdowns, alike. It’s beautifully maintained and floodlit, with games possible day or night. Guests can play pick-up matches with friends or take on the Islanders during regularly scheduled events. Modified children’s competitions are also hosted from time to time.



16 to 18 April 2019

After a an amazing four-day festive football camp, International footballer and Australia’s all-time record goalscorer, Tim Cahill & his  team will be leading regular training camps during school holiday periods throughout 2019, including Festive 2019/2020. The ‘Amilla Four Seventeen’ football team will be for kids aged from 5-8 years and teens from 9-16 years old to train through elite coaching on the island’s very own full-sized pitch. 

26 to 29 December 2018

After a sucessful four-day festive football camp, International footballer and Australia’s all-time record goalscorer, Tim Cahill & his  team will be leading regular training camps during school holiday periods throughout 2019. The ‘Amilla Four Seventeen’ football team will be for kids aged from 5-8 years and teens from 9-16 years old to train through elite coaching on the island’s very own full-sized pitch. 

31 March 2018 to 2 April 2018

The first ever football camp for Amilla Fushi was hosted by FUTBOLTEC . The Sydney-based football program owned by Asian Champions League winner Jason Trifiro and his brother, current Sydney United 58 player Glen Trifiro, invited young guests to train and perfect their skills through elite coaching on our very own full-sized pitch. The Junior Camp welcomed players aged from 5-11 years, whilst the Senior Camp was open to those aged 12-16 years.



Beautiful island memories – personal portraits against spectacular seascapes. Photographers with an eye for the outstanding offer idyllic island images to treasure forever. A complimentary portrait shoot immortalizes the moment, creating a keepsake styled to the individual’s desires for photography in the Maldives.

A wide range of photoshoot services is on offer. Book one of the Shutterfish Photographers to capture your holiday memories at Amilla Photo Lab. Our offers include photographic coverage of special events such as weddings and excursions.

Open daily from 10 am – 7 pm, besides the Emperor Beach Club

  • Complimentary 30 min portrait session for all guests
  • Plus a 5×7″ complimentary print in a souvenir frame
  • Digital and print packages available from $200++



Edition Maldives delights the eye with fashionable looks and vibrant tropical hues. For those with an eye for fashionable resortwear, Edition spends time sourcing unique brands from all over the world. With clothing and accessories for women, men and children, it’s a treasure trove of chic island style.


Fun-filled, excitement packed days await you. If you enjoy group activities, workshops and special events, we have plenty to entice you. Our activities are for guests of all ages and fitness levels.


Kaleidoscopic colours of tropical reef fish. Majestic manta rays, friendly turtles, maybe even a dolphin or whale shark sighting. Amilla Maldives is adjacent to a multitude of world-class dive sites. Dive Butler International is our five-star scuba diving partner, based at H.U.B.